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In the good old days as an apprentice signwriter, before computers were affordable and high tech adhesive vinyl was available, any artwork or text had to be airbrushed or brush painted onto vehicles, flat panels, buildings etc for any signage.

I was introduced to the airbrush by a work colleague and instantly liked the effects that could be produced with it.  I purchased my first airbrush and small compressor and produced poster artwork to hone my skills and managed to get a few commissioned works along the way (see Sepia monotone “People on Motorbikes”).

As computer technology advanced in the sign industry and more powerful computers and software programmes became available like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter to name a few, I realised that with the techniques I had learned using the traditional airbrush, I could now create artwork using the same techniques in the software computer programmes.  No more fumes or paint on fingers and clothes (what a revelation, lol), plus add the “Edit Undo” computer function – absolutely fantastic!  (see “Clock”, “Boots Study” and “Stephen White Electrical Man”).  Team all that up with the latest large format digital printers plus the range of printable medias, and you have a good recipe for more visual impact in your signage.

Unfortunately as with most original artwork it can take many hours of work to create these designs and cost is sometimes an issue… fear not… enter the Internet and online stock photo and illustration libraries, these are a fantastic way of getting photos and illustrations into your signage to add more visual impact and stand out in the crowd in a more cost competitive way.

Here are some links:

Fully searchable online photo library – New Zealand, Australia, Fiji & Africa

Once in the web sites they usually have a search function where you type in the subject matter, and if they have it, literally hundreds of photos or illustrations come up on the page.  It is just a matter of spending some time and looking through them to see if any image suits. There is, however, certain criteria for reproducing photos and illustrations for signage from these websites and it would be recommended once you have chosen your image to consult your signage professionals to discuss what size image to purchase, in order for it to be used in a variety of signage applications from small door signs to the side of a van, buildings etc.

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Mark Gourley
ImageArt Sign and Design