Sim Racing


Sim racing is something I came across a couple of years ago and I thought to myself ‘I really enjoy this” slowly building up my home made custom built rig by adding hardware when the money was available. Sim Racing (Simulator Racing) is basically vehicle racing on the computer, it can be as easy or as difficult as you like, depending on how serious you want to be from someone wanting to sit on a couch with a hand controller to what I have which makes it a more realistic simulation of driving a vehicle eg accelerating, braking, changing gears etc.

SIM-RIG-2As a signwriter and in the visual communication industry, providing customers with signage that visually communicates to their customers the quality and look of their products,…the Sim Racing game visuals are in a way similar, combining text, near photographic vehicles in some of the sims, to produce a product that is visually stimulating and informative as most of the cars and tracks in the sims do exist in the real world eg ‘Bathurst’ in Australia and ‘Pukekoe’ in New Zealand to name a few, and team that up with the V8 Supercars model, and you have a thoroughly challenging and entertaining time, which is what attracted me to this genre.

A Sim Rig consists of a computer with a top end graphics card, keyboard, mouse, a Force Feedback steering wheel (this gives you feedback when you drive over bumps etc), Pedals, and some steering wheel packages come with a Gear Shifter. The benefit of using a computer for Sim Racing is the expandibility as you can add more hardware as I have with adding a better H-Pattern and Sequential Shifter, also a high end Pedal set, a ‘Button Box’ (for the most used functions of the game, instead of trying to find it on the keyboard), Surround Sound Amp and Headphones (so you do not annoy the rest of the people in the house, also the neighbours) and recently added triple 3D Monitors (the extra two side monitors are angled towards you and this fills in your peripheral vision, feels like you are in the car cockpit) …all this adds greatly to the immersion factor.

I have included some links for more information…

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Information Sites

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If I won LOTTO…lol

These are just a few of the hundreds of sites out there….what of the future, is this a stepping stone to racing with real cars on real tracks…short answer… ‘No Way’…Sim Racing is cheaper (well kind more safe, no risk of death, …and when you do crash in game, you can just push the ‘Re Start’ button…got to love that!

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Mark Gourley